Liquor Licensing Board



The Liquor Licensing Board regulates the conduct of licence holders, the management and equipment of licensed premises, and the conditions under which liquor may be sold or consumed.


Government of the Northwest Territories

Department Responsible

Department of Finance


Liquor Act (NWT)

Board Composition

The Board is composed of not more than nine members.

The current board structure is set up on a regional basis.

Alternate Members

There are no alternate members.

The legislation does not provide for the appointment of alternate members to the Board.


The Chairperson is designated by the Minister from amongst the Board members.


The Vice-Chairperson is designated by the Minister from amongst the Board members.


Quorum is three members.

Appointment Instrument

Members are appointed by the Minister of Finance under section 2(2) of the Liquor Act.

Term Duration

A member holds office during pleasure for a term of three years.

Time and Travel Requirements

The Board holds administrative meetings and compliance hearings throughout the year.

Board meetings are closed to the public, with the exception of public presentations.

Travel is required to attend hearings across the Northwest Territories.


Members shall receive remuneration according to Executive Council classification and Financial Management Board Secretariat directives.

Category – Regulatory

Chairperson - up to $400 per day

Member - up $325 day

Chair and members – 50% per half-day (i.e., 3.5 hours or less), for work on board business for each day of meetings

Other Considerations

The Minister may appoint a member of the public service to be the Executive Secretary to the Board.

Current Membership

Position Appointee Term Start Term Expiry Number of Terms Appointed By Nominating Authority
1. Chair Louis Sebert 2021-08-18 2024-08-17 1st term Minister of Finance
2. Member Paul Falvo 2022-09-05 2025-09-04 1st term Minister of Finance
3. Member Michael Hansen 2022-09-05 2025-09-04 1st term Minister of Finance

(Board details as of Apr 13, 2024)