Legal Aid Commission of the Northwest Territories



The Legal Aid Commission is responsible for legal aid services; hears appeals on the eligibility of people who have been denied legal aid, and creates strategies and policies to address the need for legal aid services in the Northwest Territories.


Government of the Northwest Territories

Department Responsible

Department of Justice


Legal Aid Act (NWT)

Board Composition

The Commission is composed of three to five members, including at least one member who is a lawyer in private practice nominated by the Law Society, and one member who is a member of the public service.

Alternate Members

There are no alternate members.

The legislation does not provide for the appointment of alternate members to the Commission.


The Commission elects a Chairperson from amongst its members.


The Commission elects a Vice-Chairperson from amongst its members.


Quorum is three members.

Appointment Instrument

Members are appointed by the Minister of Justice under section 4 of the Legal Aid Act.

Term Duration

A member holds office for a term not exceeding three years, as specified in the appointment instrument.

Time and Travel Requirements

A meeting is called when requested by at least three of its members.

The Commission may regulate its own proceedings and the manner of calling its meetings.


Subject to the regulations, members of the Commission shall be paid honorariums; and reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

Category – Regulatory/Quasi-Judicial

Chair - up to $400 per day

Member - up $325 per day

Chair and members – 50% per half-day (i.e., 3.5 hours or less), for work on board business for each day of meetings

Other Considerations

When appointing members of the Commission, the Minister must consider the diversity of the population and the gender balance of the Northwest Territories.

Current Membership

Position Appointee Term Start Term Expiry Number of Terms Appointed By Nominating Authority
1. Member
(South Slave representative)
Joan Mercredi 2023-11-07 2026-11-06 2nd term Minister of Justice
2. Member
(Law Society representative)
Paul Parker 2021-11-23 2024-11-21 1st term Minister of Justice Law Society of the Northwest Territories
3. Member
(Public Service representative)
Brad Patzer 2023-11-07 2026-11-06 2nd term Minister of Justice
4. Member
(Beaufort Delta representative)
Alana Mero 2023-11-07 2026-11-06 5th term Minister of Justice
5. Member
(North Slave representative)
(Vacant - 3 year term) Minister of Justice

(Board details as of May 24, 2024)