Environmental Impact Review Board (Inuvialuit Settlement Region)



The Environmental Impact Review Board carries out the environmental impact assessments and public review of development projects referred to it by the Environmental Impact Screening Committee.

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Government of Canada

Department Responsible

Department of Environment and Climate Change


Inuvialuit Final Agreement (Canada)

Board Composition

The Board consists of six members, plus the Chairperson.

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada appoints three members, based on one nomination from the Government of the Northwest Territories; one by the Government of Yukon; and one by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. The Inuvialuit Game Council appoints three members.

Alternate Members

There are no alternate members.

The Agreement does not provide for the appointment of alternates to the Board.


The Chairperson is appointed by the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, with the consent of the Inuvialuit.


There is no Vice-Chairperson.


No quorum is stipulated in the Inuvialuit Final Agreement; however, Board established bylaws state quorum is a majority of the Board members appointed.

Appointment Instrument

Members are appointed by the appropriate appointing authority under section 11 of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (Canada).

Term Duration

A member holds office for a term of three years and may be eligible for reappointment.

Time and Travel Requirements

The Board has 2 to 3 meetings, generally in Inuvik, and has 2 to 3 conference calls per year.

Meetings are generally 2 days in length. Two travel days may be required for meetings and 1 day of analytical time may be required for each meeting.


Members of a board shall be paid such fees or other remuneration as the federal Minister may fix:

Chairperson - $500 per diem

Member - $375 per diem

Other Considerations

The respective appointing party may replace members.

A person may be a member of both the Environmental Impact Screening Committee and the Environmental Impact Review Board.

The Agreement is silent on the removal of members.

Current Membership

Position Appointee Term Start Term Expiry Number of Terms Appointed By Nominating Authority
1. Chair Catherine Cockney 2022-07-19 2025-07-18 1st term Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada Members of the Board
2. Member
Kate Hearn 2022-10-14 2025-10-13 1st term Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada Government of the Northwest Territories
3. Member
Bruce McLean 2021-02-08 2024-02-07 1st term Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada Government of Yukon
4. Member
Cynthia Ene 2022-10-14 2025-10-13 1st term Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
5. Member
(Vacant - 3 year term) Inuvialuit Game Council
6. Member
Ethel-Jean Gruben 2021-10-01 2024-09-30 3rd term Inuvialuit Game Council
7. Member
Debbie Gully 2020-10-01 2023-09-30 1st term Inuvialuit Game Council

(Board details as of Sep 27, 2023)