Who can apply?

The GNWT is always looking for potential members to serve on the various public boards and encourages individuals interested to consider submitting a resume and expression of interest to the department responsible or the appropriate board.

Each public board has a different mandate and role. The GNWT recommends that interested individuals explore and learn more about each board before submitting an Expression of Interest to the appropriate Department Responsible.  Detailed information of each Board’s responsibility, authority, duration of term, estimated time commitment required, location of meetings, membership, remuneration rates, and other considerations are provided.

Inquiries regarding a board should be directed to the contact information indicated on each board profile.

Interested candidates may apply to as many boards as they wish. The selection of successful candidates will be based on a balance of their work history, skills, community involvement, other life experience relevant to the position, and the particular needs of each board.  During the appointment process and depending on the board, the applicant may be asked to undergo relevant background and records check.

Terms of Office

Appointment terms can vary between 1 to 5 years depending on applicable legislation or policy. Some legislation specifies the maximum number of terms or years a member may serve. Where it is not specified, a member can serve on a board for as long as he or she is willing.